Woodcrest Library

Location: Riverside, California
Client: HMC Architects and Riverside County EDA


Project Elements

  • Civil Engineering Design and Survey Services
  • First LEED Certified Building in County
  • Grading Plan
  • Water and Sewer Improvement Plans
  • Plan Approvals by City of Riverside


PENCO provided civil engineering design and survey services for a 10,000-square-foot County Library.

The Woodcrest Library is the first LEED Certified building in the County of Riverside, initiating an environmentally concerned approach by the County for future projects.

Services included providing the grading plan for the six-acre site, in addition to water and sewer improvement plans.

PENCO performed field survey and needs assessment, horizontal control plans, precise grading and paving plans, hydrology study (on-site), storm drain plans (on-site), off-site street improvements, utility design, erosion control plans, as well as working in conjunction with the City for plan approval.