Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Location: Moreno Valley, California
Client: HGA Architects


Project Elements

  • Civil Engineering Design and QA/QC for Survey Services
  • Pursuing LEED Certification
  • Designed in BIM using Civil3D
  • Preliminary Planning and Design and Rough Grading of Pads
  • Utility Plan
  • Hydrology Study
  • Drainage Plan
  • Storm Drain Plans
  • NPDES and WQMP
  • Construction Support
  • Designed Utility Corridor for Dry and Wet Utilities
  • Coordination with Four Different Architects


The Riverside County Regional Medical Center created a master plan for their facility to be implemented over a period of several years. PENCO assisted the Medical Center in the various phases for the expansion of the facilities. This project is pursuing LEED certification is being designed in BIM using Civil 3D.

The first phase of this Master Plan includes five construction projects as follows: Emergency/Trauma Expansion; Center of Excellence for Abuse Services Mental Health Bed Replacement and Relocation project; Education Building for Nurse and Allied Education and Training building; and a Warehouse/Facilities Maintenance building.

PENCO is providing civil engineering design and QA/QC for survey services including on-site civil engineering work required for the preliminary planning and design, as well as rough grading of pads. Specific services include engineering planning and design for existing and proposed site improvements that include: phased grading plans; erosion and sediment control plans; a hydrology study; drainage plans; storm drain plans; composite utility plans; wet utility plans; dry utility plans; horizontal control plans; demolition plans; National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) reports; and construction support and coordination.


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