Portola Springs
TTM (17361) Ironwood

Location: Irvine, California
Client: KB Homes


Project Elements

  • 64-Pair Single Homes on a 7.2-Acre Site
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Development Permits
  • Rough Grading Plan
  • Precise Grading Plans
  • Storm Drain
  • Domestic Water and Sewer Plans
  • Retaining Wall Plans
  • Final Map and DRE
  • Phasing Exhibits
  • Construction Staking
  • Final Certifications per City of Irvine Requirements
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Street Improvement Plans
  • Design of On-Site Septic Systems for each Lot
  • Worked with Geotechnical and Environmental Specialists to Ensure Budget and Schedule Requirements were Adhered to


PENCO provided civil engineering design, construction drawings, and obtained permits for the development of 64-pair single homes. The project is located at a 7.2-acre site in the Village of Portola Springs in Irvine.

PENCO’s scope included preparation of precise grading plans, storm drain, domestic water and sewer plans for all private alleys, retaining wall plans, final map and Department of Real Estate (DRE), phasing exhibits, and as-built plans.

PENCO was also responsible for construction staking, including sanitary sewer, storm drain, storm drain structure, domestic water facility, common area curb and gutter, sidewalk stakes, and final certifications, as required by the City of Irvine.

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