2013 Slurry Seal and Rehabilitation Program & 2014 Roadway Rehabilitation Program

Location: Long Beach, California
Client: Port of Long Beach (POLB)


Project Highlights

  • Major Street Rehabilitation & Major Traffic Detouring and Traffic Control for 19 streets within the Port
  • Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates
  • Coordination with adjacent owners, City of Long Beach, City of Los Angeles and Port of Los Angeles
  • Traffic Control and Detour Plans


PENCO was selected to provide Civil Engineering and Traffic Engineering to prepare construction documents for the Port of Long Beach (POLB) for these two different projects – 2013 Slurry Seal and Pavement Rehabilitation Program and 2014 Roadway Rehabilitation Program.

The 2013 project consists of 19 street segments, located throughout the Long Beach Harbor District. The combined segments are approximately 38,140 lineal feet, with approximately 1,520,000 square feet of asphalt. The 2014 project consists of four street segments, that combined are roughly 7,825 lineal feet, with about 440,000 square feet of asphalt. Street rehabilitation included pavement reconstruction, grind and overlay and slurry seal. Traffic design consisted of detailed traffic detour plans for very heavily traveled trucks and vehicle. Due to many adjacent private property owners we had to phase construction and provide weekend construction work. Coordination with these private owners was critical to project construction success. 2013 Slurry Seal and Pavement project was completed with no major change orders.

For the 2014 Roadway Rehabilitation Program PENCO provided civil and traffic engineering to prepare construction documents for the Port. The rehabilitation program is primarily a grind and overlay project with pavement reconstruction located throughout the Harbor District. Traffic control design consists of detailed traffic detour plans.


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