Pacific Medical Plaza and Parking Structure

Location: Costa Mesa, California
Client: Brown Associates, LLC


Project Elements

  • Civil Engineering Design and Survey Services
  • Rough and Precise Grading Plans
  • Utility Plans
  • Off-Site Storm Drain
  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Engineering Support
  • Approvals from the City of Costa Mesa, the Fire Department, and Caltrans


PENCO provided civil engineering design and survey services for the development of this four-story medical building and two level parking structure.

Services included the preparation of rough and precise grading plans, utility plans, and the design of an off-site storm drain line that crosses Newport Boulevard, a Caltrans facility.

Additional work included construction staking and construction engineering support.

Critical aspects of the project included drainage, water quality, and access to the site.

PENCO obtained approvals from the City of Costa Mesa, the Fire Department, and Caltrans.


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