Oak Valley Holiday Inn

Location: Beaumont, California
Client: Noble Creek Village, LLC


Project Elements:

  • Civil Engineering Design and Survey Services
  • The Hotel Size Increased during the Design Phase of Project
  • Close Coordination with Architect, Landscape Architect, Client, The City of Beaumont, and Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District
  • Precise Grading
  • Drainage
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • Water Plans for Fire, Potable Water Systems, and Sewer Drainage
  • Project was Completed on Time and On Budget
  • No Construction Change Orders



PENCO was retained to provide civil engineering design and survey services.

During the design of the project, the client increased the size of the hotel from two to three stories to accommodate an additional 100 rooms on this 3.65-acre site.

This alteration required adjusting drainage, parking, fire, etc., and close coordination with the architect, landscape architect, Client, the City of Beaumont as well as the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District.

Civil engineering included precise grading, drainage, hydrology and hydraulics, water plans for fire, potable water systems, and sewer drainage.

Project was completed on time and on budget with no construction change orders.


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