Audie Murphy Ranch

Menifee, California
Client: KB Home


Project Elements

  • Survey Services
  • Subdivision of 94 Single-Family Lots
  • Construction Staking and Mapping Services
  • Final Monuments
  • Precise Grading Plans
  • Rough Grade Certification
  • Lot Certifications


PENCO incorporated building footprints into a base map for a 94 lot subdivision that located boundaries, easements, utilities, and other key site development features to complete a lot fit analysis. The analysis evolved into a final site plan of development for City of Menifee approval. Thereafter precise grading plans at a scale of 1”=10’ were prepared in conformance with requirements by the City of Menifee for both a model site and production homes. During construction PENCO provided construction staking, administration, and Disclosure Real Estate Exhibits for sales.