Los Angeles Trade Tech College

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: HMC Architects and Bernards Construction


Project Elements

  • New $90 Million Design-Build Project
  • Civil Engineering Plans, Specifications, and Estimates
  • Construction Yard
  • Vacation of Two Public Streets
  • Grading Plans, Sewer, Domestic Water, and Fire Water Plans
  • Off-Site Improvements

Review and Permitting by the City of Los Angeles DOT, DOE, and DWP


PENCO was retained by HMC Architects to provide civil engineering plans, specifications, and estimates for a three-story Construction Technology Building, a six-level parking structure, and on-site and off-site infrastructure improvements for utility relocation, street vacations, and intersection improvements.

The project also includes a construction yard, vacation of two public streets, and street rehabilitation, to provide site improvements to support this new facility. It also includes the relocation of water and sewer lines in 22nd, 23rd, and Olive Streets. Infrastructure also included improvements to Grand Avenue for street rehabilitation, new curb, sidewalks, pedestrian crossing, and traffic signal modification.

As a result of street vacations, PENCO needed to reroute existing sewer lines, which required a sewer capacity study, relocation of 600 feet of existing 8-inch onsite sewer line and upsizing 900 feet of existing 8-inch to 12-inch sewer line along 22nd Street. The project also required preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates, and obtaining approval through the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Engineering and the Bureau of Sanitation.

PENCO is providing grading plans, sewer, a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), domestic water, and fire water plans for the proposed buildings, as well as off-site public improvements that will require review and permitting by the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Engineering (DOE), and Department of Water and Power (DWP).

This $90 million Design-Build project is currently in construction. Ground breaking occurred in August 2011, with project completion of the Construction Technology Building by 2014.

Once complete, this project is designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification.

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