Hidden Valley Golf Course

Location: Norco, California
Client: Cox / West Properties


Project Elements:

  • 260-Acre Golf Course
  • Preliminary and Final Civil Engineering Design
  • Sensitive Environmental Undertaking
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Calculation
  • Open Natural Channels
  • Retention Basins
  • On-Site and Off-Site Design Assistance
  • Hillside Grading Design in Hard Rock Conditions
  • Environmental Approvals Met



PENCO provided preliminary and final civil engineering design services for this 18-hole, 260-acre golf course within the rocky and rugged hills of the City of Norco.

Project services included early planning meetings with the Fish and Wildlife Service Department and the Department of Fish and Game personnel, along with the environmental consulting team regarding grading and drainage in sensitive areas to obtain environmental approvals.

Additional services included preliminary planning; on-site and off-site design assistance with the golf course design consultant; coordination with the golf course Architect and Landscape Architect; assistance with construction overview; and other services needed on this highly-sensitive environmental undertaking.

This project was considered difficult due to the need for hillside grading in very hard rock conditions, yet the design was sensitive in preserving the natural drainage valleys and the flora and fauna habitat that were prevalent throughout the site.

PENCO Engineering, Inc. provided grading design for the golf course including hydrology and hydraulics calculation, design for open natural channels, and retention basins for aesthetic golf course use.


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