City of Garden Grove – Staff Augmentation Services

Location: Garden Grove, California
Client: City of Garden Grove


Project Highlights

  • Civil Plan Check Services
  • Street Rehabilitation and Widening
  • Storm Drain Improvements
  • Waterline Improvements
  • Grading Plans
  • Signing/Striping/Signal Modifications
  • Irrigation Systems


Main Street, Garden Grove



PENCO is providing the City of Garden Grove on-call engineering serves including various engineering, technical and administrative duties in support of general engineering/architectural/landscaping projects. The projects include street rehabilitation and widening; storm drain improvements; waterline improvements; signing, striping, and signal modifications; landscaping and irrigation systems; architectural improvements and other required projects.

PENCO is currently providing the City with full time Project Manager. Project types include following:

  • Storm drain design/solving local drainage problem
  • Arterial and residential street rehabilitation or street improvement projects
  • Landscape median modifications complete with new curb grades
  • Traffic signal timing, review and approval of traffic studies and traffic control plans and managing traffic and parking related complaints
  • ADA ramp modifications
  • Preparing structural concrete designs for things such as retaining walls, vertical wall channels, and reinforced concrete boxes
  • Sewer or water line replacement & minor water supply design
  • Verifying projects are complaint with new runoff water quality standards
  • Assist in grant application preparation
  • Preparing plans, specifications and estimates for advertisement