City of Anaheim Phase II, Group 3, Sewer System Repair and Rehabilitation

Location: Anaheim, California
Client: City of Anaheim


Project Highlights

  • CCTV Inspection
  • Design Survey of Existing Lines and Street Topography
  • Removal and Repair of City’s Sewer System
  • ROW Mapping
  • Topographic Survey Map
  • Vertical and Horizontal Control
  • Field Locations and Elevations
  • Utility Agency Research
  • Preliminary Design, Final Plans, Project Specifications and Estimate
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • RFI Clarification
  • Construction Observation
  • Bidding Support
  • Record Drawings
  • Post Construction Video Review


The project consisted of the removal and repair of the City of Anaheim’s sewer system at various locations throughout the City. This project included a sewer system study and recommendations for repair and sewer rehabilitation design for a major sewer system involving 44 sewer pipeline segments located throughout the westside of the City of Anaheim.

PENCO Engineering, Inc. (PENCO) reviewed and made recommendations for the existing sewer system including videotaping.

PENCO performed a survey of the existing lines to establish the flow line elevations and street topography for “repair and replace” segments. PENCO also performed CCTV inspection of lines to establish damage of existing lines and to recommend repairs of these sewer lines. The design of the sewer line system included the replacement of the existing lines or lining of existing sewer lines.

PENCO prepared preliminary engineering alignment indicating utility conflicts and established a potholing plan to verify utility locations. This information was used to finalize the plan and profiles which minimized construction utility conflicts.

PENCO provided right-of-way mapping, vertical and horizontal control, field locations and elevations, topographic survey map, utility agency research, preliminary design, final plans, traffic control plans, project specifications, construction cost estimate, bidding support, Request for Information (RFI) clarification, construction observation, record drawings, and post construction video review.

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