New Public Works Project

New Public Works Project

PENCO is proud to announce a NEW project with the City of Palm Desert to prepare a Utility Undergrounding Master Plan. PENCO’s Team will include Jeffrey M. Cooper, PE, Gary Solsona, PE, QSD, and J Braley, PLS, who will guide this project with the mutual goal of planning the undergrounding of existing above ground utilities for Palm Desert.

PENCO will prepare a Utility Undergrounding Master Plan, including a facility plan and cost estimates for the utility undergrounding within the public right-of-way and required private connections; recommendations for ways to simplify and streamline the City’s existing assessment district formation process; and the identification of a metric for measuring the City’s annual investment in and progress toward to the goal of community-wide undergrounding.

PENCO’s scope of work also includes the following:

  • A map identifying existing areas served by above ground utility infrastructure
  • Identification and prioritization of locations eligible for Rule 20A funding
  • Outline of potential boundaries for utility undergrounding assessments districts in residential and commercial areas ineligible for Rule 20A funds that would be logically and economically feasible
  • Research and analysis on a toolbox of funding mechanisms for undergrounding that include 20A credits, but also addresses other approaches for 20B projects

We’re pleased to announce that we merged with Cannon on August 1, 2018.

As we fully transition into the Cannon family, our website will redirect visitors to our parent company, Cannon Corporation’s, website, If you’d like to find out more about the merger, read about it in this press release.